What is Double VPN and its Uses?

Double VPN And Uses

With increased digitization and advancements in the digital world, more and more people are connected to the internet with their devices. This is not only giving wings to the global connections but also there are many security hazards associated with it. Cybersecurity concerns are critically important to take into consideration when you connect to the internet.

With increasing cyberattacks and data breaches, security software and infrastructure are developed in order to fight against the potential risks that could comprise the highly confidential data without even letting you know.

VPNs and double VPNs are available today in the market that tends to fight against cyberattacks and help combat the risks of the threats to a greater extent. There are multiple options available for VPNs that you do not need to get confused about. Double VPN is a feature that allows you to use two VPNs instead of one at the same time. It helps support multi-hop and double VPN setup ultimately serves as the VPN server that employs the server chaining method to enhance the security and privacy of the node that is using that VPN. Though there is a wide range of options available for the VPN, it is crucial for you to find out what suits you.

What is a Double VPN?

Double VPN allows you to use two server VPNs instead of one. It gives a multi-hop connection with enhanced security. Strong encryption through cryptographic hash functions is made to boost up the security of the VPN and mitigate loopholes in the system. The IP addresses are also secured from any breach. It is different from the regular VPN as it allows you to pick from the available servers and you can choose what you want. 

Double HOP VPN

The feature of double VPN is uncommon. The reason behind this is that the double VPN does not provide a fast connection however it is resource-friendly and gives two ways for the traffic to pass through a very secure and encrypted channel. You just download double VPN on your desktop and double VPN for android is also available. The interface is very simple and gives you an idea of how to use a double VPN.

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How does Double VPN Work?

Double VPN routes the traffic through two VPN servers and it encrypts the device such that the security risks could be mitigated. The online activity done by the user gets hide between the two servers now through the process of server chaining. Below are some steps that demonstrate how Double VPN works and how the Double NAT VPN problems could be eliminated. It also helps you eliminate the risks of cyberattacks.

  • The network traffic from your device is first encrypted to ensure enhanced security and the traffic is then redirected to the VPN server that is remote.
  • The traffic then reaches the server. When it passes through it, it gets encrypted again.
  • The traffic that is encrypted from the first server then passes through the second server. At that point, the information is read by the server and is decrypted.
  • The traffic thus reaches the destination node in a highly secured manner and no data will be lost when the data shifts from one server to the other.

Double VPN – Its Features and Uses

The Onion Router

If you want your traffic to get routed through the Onion Network, then double VPN is the best choice that you can take for your personal use or for the organizational data to get routed. The Double VPN virtual machine allows you to pick the NordVPN server and the Tor browser can be used as well. When data gets distributed to the Onion Network, it becomes safer to send it through the network.

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Private and Secured File-sharing

We have highly sensitive data that needs to be transferred from one end to the other, especially when it comes to critical organizational data. It is crucial to employ the VPN that provides security services across the channels and ultimately contributes to robust data sharing. It provides fast speed for P2P sharing. It allows you to download the files in a very safe environment without any restriction of bandwidth.

Support for Personal IP

If you are looking for a static IP address that could serve you for your personal use, then Double VPN is suitable for you. It helps you bypass the captchas and seamlessly surf over the internet. One major benefit of using it is that it gives you the option to choose from any virtual location and make it your permanent location for customized searching. The interface is simple that gives you clear instructions on how to enable double VPN on NordVPN.

Stronger Security

The data branches are increasing with the passage of time, the hackers are becoming smarter and know the hacks to make online payments frauds and phishing attacks. It is crucial to use a secure network that makes it hard for the bad entities to take advantage of your important data. Moreover, it makes it hard for the hacker to decipher the traffic and the IP address gets change twice, which makes it even harder for the hacker to decipher the contents in any way. Strong encryption mitigates the risk of high-end data breaches.

Eliminate the Risks of Internet Censorship

Every geographic region has some servers that are restricted in that area. Sometimes, it is important to get access to the servers to keep the work ongoing. For this, the task is to learn how you can bypass the firewalls effectively for easy access to your required servers. With Double VPN, the process becomes seamless and it allows you to connect to the Obfuscated servers that are configured in such a way that the network firewalls are bypassed to give you access to the content you are looking for.

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