Turbo VPN Trusted Reviews For 2021

Turbo VPN

Based in china, Turbo VPN is a very popular vpn service that is used by both iOs as well as android users. Many people are fans of their service due to the fact that the vpn can be used for free for seven days. Despite being renowned, they do have a decent service quality and are one of the most reliable vpn services in the market. You can go through the turbo free vpn reviews to find out more about their service and features. 

If you want to secure your online presence and hide your computer or mobile’s IP address when browsing online, you need to use a vpn service. But you cannot just trust any vpn service provider. You have to find a vpn that is reliable in terms of speed, connections and the security is also foolproof. 

Turbo vpn seems to have been given mixed reviews by the users. But to test the turbo free vpn reviews and determine whether this service is worth using or not, we have subjected turbo vpn to thorough testing and tested all their noticeable features to determine whether this vpn service is reliable or not. 


Before diving into details about other features, let’s discuss the security of turbo vpn. They do not have any reliable security feature or protocol and the security mechanism is quite basic. Our testing did not detect any DNS or IPS leaks. But this does not mean that you can continue using this vpn without worrying about security at all. 

They also lack a kill-switch or the option for the users to customize DNS settings or any mechanism to block ads or malware. 

Many people seem to be concerned about turbo vpn origin country. Since it is a chinese vpn service and chinese services are known for privacy violations, therefore, users are always concerned about their information being at risk. Plus they do not have an entirely no log service and are known to store some logs about the user connections and browsing history. To conclude, the security protocols are not impressive at all. 


Turbo vpn does offer a seven day trial period for its customers. During this week, the customers can use their services and have access to all the features for free. But once the trial period ends, the users have to sign up for the paid subscription plans. 

The overall pricing of the vpn is surely expensive and some users also agree that it is overpriced considering the quality and features that are offered in return. They have a limited number of servers and the coverage and connections are also unreliable. They do not have a refund policy so the money spent on the package cannot be reclaimed or redeemed by the customers. This will surely leave the customers looking for a turbo vpn alternative. 

They do have a VIP plan that allows users to use the vpn service without having to deal with irritating advertisements. It also offers a much faster server connection along with unlimited bandwidth. 

Customer Service:

You will see a lot of claims about amazing and impressive customer service when you go through their website. But the reality, according to the turbo vpn android reviews, is the complete opposite. 

They do not have a live chat or ticketing system that the users can use to register their complaints. Even if you try contacting them on Facebook, you will not be entertained with anything more than an automated reply. Therefore, if you encounter any issue when using turbo vpn, there is nothing you can do to find a solution. 

User Experience:

The user experience and interface of the app and the browser option is surely not impressive at all. According to the turbo vpn private browser review, their website is not at all responsive. The experience is slow and users have to struggle to sign up for the service or connect with the servers. You will not find any forum, blog or other helpful resource that can help you setup or find the answer to any query. 

The mobile app version is a lot better in terms of the user experience. You can download the official turbo vpn app from the playstore. Opening the app, you will see the option to connect to a server. By default, the user is always connected to the fastest server option. But if you want to change the server and location, you can do so with a single tap. 

Turbo vpn offers a very basic setting interface. Users can choose between the OpenVPN and IPsec connection options and opt to launch the vpn by default and toggle between notification settings. 


Turbo vpn has dedicated streaming servers that help users get past geolocation blocks and stream Netflix shows and movies from different countries with ease. You can not only enjoy Netflix but can also access BBC, Fox and iPlayer. But this feature is limited to the VIP plan and free trial or basic plan users cannot enjoy the streaming facility. 

But the connection and overall streaming speed is not up to the mark. The server uptime is a pain and the connection might drop several times while you are trying to stream your favorite shows. 


All in all, turbo vpn offers a very basic set of services. They lack customer support, have a limited number of servers and their security protocols and policies are also quite questionable. The seven day free trial period is a plus. You can test the services to see if they are suitable according to your needs. But turbo vpn is not the best vpn service in the market considering there are several other better options to choose from. 

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