The Pros and Cons of Using VPNs

VPNs are gaining popularity and it seems as if the number of people using VPNs is increasing day by day. But are VPNs truly as beneficial as everyone thinks they are? Are there any VPN pros and cons? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, read along, as through this article, we will be shedding light on both the advantages as well as the disadvantages of a VPN. 

What is a VPN? 

A VPN is basically a means of establishing a connection. When you install or subscribe to a VPN service, you can choose between a number of servers to connect to. As soon as the connection is established, it creates an encrypted bath between the client and the server so all the information and requests that reach the server are encrypted and your information remains protected. 

Advantages of Using VPN:

1. Accessing Blocked Websites:

Some countries, in order to control the internet usage and access of the citizens, impose blocks as a result of which the blocked websites are no longer accessible for the people. When you are using a VPN, information such as your location is unavailable to the website. Therefore, users can trespass the block and access these websites with ease. 

2. Protecting Information:

The modern era is the age of information technology and when browsing the internet, we have to provide information that can be at times sensitive in nature. This information can include your account login credentials, bank details, passwords etc. If the information is entered without using a VPN, this data can be put at risk. But since the VPN hides all this information, it protects you and adds an added layer of security. 

3. Hides Online Activity:

If you are concerned about someone finding out about your online activities and endeavors, you can make use of a VPN to hide your digital footprint. The sites you visit, information you enter and any other online activities you participate in can easily be concealed through the use of a VPN. 

Disadvantages of VPN:

1. It is Costly:

VPN Services come at a cost. Although the price may seem pretty economical and affordable bear in mind that it will add up over time. Even if you are spending just a couple of bucks per month on your VPN subscription, it will sum up and make a considerable sum of  money at the end of a year or two. The cost can especially be higher if you opt for a quality and reliable VPN service. 

2. Not Compatible With All Devices:

There are certain operating systems and devices which do not support VPN connections. Therefore if you want to subscribe to a VPN service, make sure that you check whether the device or the environment that you are using is compatible with a VPN connection or not. 

3. Slows Internet Speed:

If you have access to a very strong and high speed internet connection, you might barely notice that your VPN slows down the internet connectivity. However, if your connection is not that stable, you might easily notice the toll that the VPN connection may take on the internt speed. 

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