How to Set up a VPN between Two Computers

Set up a VPN between Two Computers

VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology has gained ground in the digital space that allows you to make the private network through a computer. A secure connection is established between the network and the computer. The tunnel plays a critical role in the VPN. It allows you to establish a secure connection and mitigates the risk of any data tampering or a breach in the network. The digital space is prone to high-scale cyberattacks that tend to compromise the highly confidential data of the user. It is therefore important to be careful about the usage of VPN so that the data could be protected and the files being transferred from one end to the other could be secured from any attack in between the network. 

VPNs are widely used for a wide range of purposes. Consumer VPN services allow individuals as well as organizations to set up a private network between two computers to perform certain tasks. On a high level, companies set up a private network to employ business-oriented solutions that help employees exchange the sensitive information of organizations via a secure network established between them. Especially with the trend of work from home, the use of VPN between two servers

has become the new normal. It is used even more when the whole firm is operating online and supposed to share files across secure channels.

VPNs Security

When we talk about the security of VPNs, it is the major reason that it is used at all levels. VPNs ensure high-end security over the network through innovative network protection techniques. Using encryption methods, the data is encrypted when it is sent by the source and when it reaches the destination, it is decrypted. In between the network tunnel, the data is highly protected that no unauthorized entity could access it. In this way, organizations prefer using VPNs to ensure stringent security over sensitive data.

How to Create VPN Between Two Computers

How to create VPN tunnel between two sites?

To set up a VPN between two computer devices, specific criteria are defined for the device. For instance, the IP address, user credentials, or a domain name along with some important authentication settings are first defined. The information is entered into the configuration settings of the VPN shown in the computer’s menu. Once those configurations are all set, the VPN could be used between two computers.

This section gives a comprehensive overview and steps to set up a VPN between two computers linux and Windows:

Step 1:

Go to your computer and access the VPN menu remotely.

  • For this, click on the start or Windows button on your desktop.
  • Type VPN in the search bar at the button when you will see it appears on the screen.
  • Click on the VPN connections as it would appear and you will be navigated to the control panel settings.
  • VPN wizard will be launched where you could make configurations.

Step 2:

Configuration of the VPN Connection.

  • In this step, configure the VPN connection by giving credentials such as username and password to the settings, an IP address, or domain name if you want to get connected with the computer within the internet address. The information is available and if it is not, consult with the network administrator to give you the credentials for the network.
  • Set username and password and enter them to get access to the network.
  • If the username and password match, press connect button to get connected to the network you established. 

Step 3: 

Initiation of outgoing VPN connection.

  • In the VPN windows, you will be able to see the Windows logo, click on it.
  • Now click on the connect button that is appearing right below the VPN connection section.
  • Once the settings are done, finish the setting on the other computer.

Step 4: 

Make adapter settings on the other computer.

  • Access the computer that is acting as a server.
  • Click on the start menu of the other computer with which connection needs to be established.
  • Type Network and Sharing in the Windows search bar.
  • Click on Network and Sharing Center and then go to the adapter settings where you could make some changes in order to manage the VPN connections with the previous computer.

Step 5:

Select the computer with which you want to connect your computer.

  • From the menu, click on File.
  • Select the “New Incoming Connection.” a new wizard will appear on the screen with all the available connections in the private network you established. 
  • Choose the computer with which you want to make the connection.
  • Select the name of the computer from all given.
  • Click on the next button to proceed.

Step 6:

Establish VPN Connection

  • Determine the IP address for the connection you are choosing. You can choose “TCP/IPv4” as it is the most common network configuration made.
  • Select the “Allow Access” button to proceed.
  • Now the connection will be established with the outgoing computer.

The tutorial gives a complete overview of setting up the VPN between the two computers and similar can be followed to set up VPN between two linux servers. You can set up VPN between two computers Windows 10 very easily by following the steps discussed. The ultimate purpose is to ensure the security over the channel in which the data could be shared without nay tempering or access of the malevolent entity. There should have a secure path of file sharing between the source and destination nodes that could help ensure streamline connection. 

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