How to check if VPN is not working

Making sure that your VPN is working is extremely important. What if you are browsing unsafe sights under the impression that your VPN is working but in reality it isn’t. A VPN not working properly could lead to a lot of serious issues like IP leaks, information theft etc. Therefore, whenever people are often found asking how do I know my VPN is working? 

VPN Tests:

IP Address Test:

You can easily check whether your VPN is working or not by performing a simple test. Before you connect to the VPN server, open any browser and search “what is my IP”. You will see a string of numbers separated by decimals. This is your computer’s real IP address. Note it down carefully and cross check to ensure you have not made any mistakes. 

Now connect to the VPN server and check your computer’s IP address again. This address should be different from the computer’s original IP address that you had noted earlier. If the IP addresses are the same, it indicates that your VPN is not working properly.

DNS Test:

Another test that can be used to confirm whether your VPN is working or not is the DNS test.  Simply open any browser and visit “”. You will find further instructions on how to run the test there. It is a very simple process and the site will help analyze whether your VPN is working fine or it is leaking your information. The test results will also be displayed by the same website so you will be able to find the results with ease. 

What to do is the VPN is not working? 

When a VPN is not working, the biggest threat that the users are exposed to is the leaking of their IP and DNS. As a result, the web service providers can easily see their online activity. Some sites are not safe and the use of a VPN is recommended when visiting such sites as it safeguards your personal and sensitive information. Therefore it is needless to say that you have to be very careful and a hundred percent certain that the VPN service you have chosen is truly reliable. 

At times, the VPN faces troubles because of internet connectivity issues. If the internet connection is not stable, you will not be able to connect to the VPN and your IP and DNS information will be at risk of being exposed. Therefore, if you find that your VPN is not doing its job, check to see if the internet is working fine. You can also disconnect from the VPN server and reconnect. Upon doing so, run the tests again to confirm that the VPN has started to work this time. 

However, if you run the tests and often come across the conclusion that the VPN is causing trouble. It might be an indication that you need to change your VPN subscription and look for a reliable and reputable VPN service provider. 

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