Express VPN Trusted Reviews For 2021

Express VPN

There are plenty of VPN services in the market and Express VPN is one of the most popular and dependableVPN service providers. If you want to be certain that you are making the right choice and Express VPN services are truly dependable, read along as by the end of this review, you would have found the answers to all your expressvpn vs. nordvpn questions. 

People are finally realizing the significance of using a VPN. Therefore, many people can be found inquiring about turbo VPN reviews so they can subscribe for the best VPN service. Although there are plenty of VPN service providers in the market, Express VPN seems to be one of the most popular and renowned choices. 

But is Express VPN trustworthy? What is the cost of ExpressVPN? Is the speed of Express VPN reliable? These are some questions that might cross your mind before you sign up for it. If you are looking for a comprehensive review regarding the Express VPN services, you are at the right place. 


The biggest concern that people have regarding any VPN service is security. There is no point of you using a VPN if you cannot be certain that your IP address is truly concealed. It is not a good choice to blindly trust the company’s claims. Therefore, we had our experts test the Express VPN services to find out whether they have a foolproof security mechanism or not. 

Express VPN makes use of the AES-256 encryption standard which is extremely strong. The encryption keys are strong therefore, it is almost impossible for anyone to be able to decipher them. This is why Express VPN is a great option for file transfers. 

Moreover, every time a user logs into the Express VPN account, a new encryption key is generated so that the users cannot be associated with a particular encryption key. They do not rely on one single protocol to ensure a secure connection. Rather, they have a pool of security protocols and the service provider always picks the best security protocol that can be used to guarantee a safe and a hundred percent secure internet browsing experience. 

Therefore, if you are worried about “Is Express VPN really private?”, the answer is yes!


Express VPN brags about the large and vast network of servers they own. They have a total of approximately three thousand servers that are spread across different countries around the globe including US, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and Netherlands. 

In the US alone, they have a network of more than twenty servers. The vast network of servers allows users to pick a location and connect to the VPN with ease and convenience. 

Moreover, all the servers operate on the TrustedServer Technology which means that the servers store the data on a RAM so that it is wiped clean upon every reboot. This ensures that the users do not have to worry about their data getting leaked through the servers either. 

Users can choose to connect to any server that is close to their location or may opt to connect to a virtual server. You will not have to deal with a slow and lagged connection no matter whether you connect to a server nearby or establish a connection with a remote server. 


Before you go ahead and subscribe to any VPN service package, you have to check to see whether the device you are using is compatible with the VPN or not. Thankfully, Express VPN is compatible with almost all the leading devices and platforms. 

You can use Express VPN on not only your desktop or laptop, but you can also download the Express VPN app on your mobile phone. It is available on both PlayStore as well as the Apple Store. 

However, it is important to mention that the features and protocols on the mobile application are limited as compared to the features on the desktop version. But the speed of the Express VPN app is better on the mobile app than it is on the desktop version. 

It is also compatible with both the Chrome as well as Firefox. You can choose to install the VPN or add it as an extension to the browser. The setup process is quite simple and the pop-ups serve as a useful guide to help the users along the way. 


From streaming services to torrenting and even gaming, Express VPN is an all router in terms of usage. If you use Express VPN to break Geoblocks, you will be able to stream shows from different regions around the world. 

Torrenting is also safe when you use Express VPN since your identity and location is concealed. Same goes for gaming. The speed of the gaming setup increases and you can play without the fear of your connection dropping. 


Express VPN Australia reviews are in awe of the service. Same goes for the Express VPN review Canada. No matter what your needs are, you can rely on Express VPN for a strong, sturdy and uninterrupted connection. 

You can opt for the Express VPN free trial to check and test the extent of their services before you sign up for the paid services. From security to privacy, speed and connection, each and every aspect of the Express VPN services is nothing but commendable. Plus, the customers can always ask for a full refund within a month of purchase if they are not satisfied with the extent of the services and features that they are being offered by Express VPN. 

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