Can VPN Be Tracked Or Hacked By Anyone?

A VPN, Virtual Private Network, allows users to browse the internet without worrying about their DNS and IP address being leaked. People also use VPNs to hide their activities online. Although many people are satisfied and at ease when using a VPN, still some people wonder can VPN be tracked? 

Why Use A VPN? 

There are many advantages associated with the use of a VPN. The biggest perk of using a VPN is the fact that it encrypts all the data and information. Therefore, you can easily share private and personal information without the risk of it being exposed or leaked. Many companies and businesses also make use of VPN to protect their company resources so that the data can be accessed remotely without compromising its security. 

Similarly, VPNs can be used to create a safe space and a secured channel that can be used as a route to share files. You can share the route with people that are trustworthy so that unauthorized interference can be minimized. You can also make use of a VPN to bypass firewalls and geolocation blocks so that you can access websites and other content that may be banned in your region. 

How Does A VPN Work? 

Rather than sending a request to the web server directly from your device, you can create a separate route that goes through a VPN. Basically you will connect to a VPN server, and the VPN server will then exchange requests with the main web server. This way your IP address never reaches the web server and the VPN server creates a separate route so that you can browse the internet without having to worry about your IP or DNS information being public. 

Can VPN Be Tracked? 

Many people worry if the fact that they are using a VPN can be tracked and the VPN can further lead back to them. When you join a VPN, you are assigned a different IP address. Using IP to track someone and reach their location or unveil their identity is possible but extremely complex. Not everyone is capable enough to learn how to do this. But even if someone successfully tracks the IP address, since the IPS address visible is not your actual IP address, therefore you will not be tracked. 

The IP address list on the VPN server too is updated frequently so the risk of someone tracking your actual IP by getting into the VPN server is also next to impossible. 

Can VPN Be Hacked? 

A VPN server does not comprise one server rather is a collection of a group of servers. Moreover, as discussed earlier, the data stored on these servers is updated and deleted frequently. Another factor to bear in mind is that the security protocols of the VPN servers are pretty strict, therefore it is very hard for anyone to break into the VPN server and hack it. Even if it is hacked, since the data is not stored on the server permanently, your identity and security will not be put at risk. 

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