There are mixed avast vpn reviews. Although the security protocols, efficient customer support, compatibility and per device payment plans are great features that can surely not be ignored, avast does have to work on the number of servers available and compatibility with Netflix. If you are looking for a basic level vpn service, turbo vpn reviews would recommend using avast vpn but the service is not quite impressive. 

When you are interested in using a VPN to ensure a foolproof internet browsing experience, you have to ensure that you trust the right service provider. Avast vpn is a renowned vpn service that seems to have won the hearts of plenty of vpn users from around the globe.But at the same time, there are some mixed feelings about some downsides that are associated with the service provider. 

Therefore, the main question that remains is whether Avast vpn truly this reliable? Well you will have to go through the turbo vpn reviews to find out. Unlike other avast vpn reviews, this review has been compiled after thorough testing of their services to determine whether you should subscribe for the avast vpn or not. 


When you rely on a vpn to browse online, you have to ensure that the vpn service is secure and reliable. Avast vpn is especially concerned about this aspect. This vpn service makes use of both the IPSec as well as the OpenVPN protocols on top of the AES 256-encryption. 

This encryption is also known as the “brute force encryption” because of its strength and how hard it is to get past or break into. 

Other than these security protocols, avast secureline vpn also deploys the kill-switch feature and DNS leak protection to ensure that the user data remains safe and is not leaked or exploited in any way. 

Other than user information, the logs of their online activities are also cleared. From the time of connection to the time of disconnection and all the websites that you browse in between, no log is stored on the servers. Therefore, the users can be a hundred percent certain that no one can backtrack and find out about their online activities. 

Customer Support:

Avast vpn opinie is known to provide amazing customer support. The website is filled with blogs, articles, forums and support pages that have the solution to all the possible issues that you may encounter when using the avast vpn. Customers can visit their official website, type in the relevant keyword in the search bar and they will be redirected to useful resources that will provide the solution to the problem. 

Other than these resources, the vpn service also provides a ticketing service through which customers can report their issues. In case of an urgency, the customers can also contact the customer service representatives by calling their number. The lack of a live chat feature is however one of the avast vpn problems that cannot be overlooked

Mobile And Desktop Version:

Users can secure their online presence and use the avast secureline vpn on both their mobile phones as well as desktops. The interface of the vpn is quite simple and intuitive. There is a button on the home screen that allows users to connect to a server and hide their IP address. If the users want to change their location, they can easily select a country from the list of servers and click it to connect to a server located in that specific region. 

The vpn also allows users to enjoy a great degree of customizability since they can set their own preferences. You can choose when to connect to the vpn automatically and control the startup of the vpn. 

It is a cross platform vpn service that is compatible with all the leading internet browsers. Moreover, the mobile app too can be used with both android as well as iOs. You can download the app from the PlayStore or the Apple Store and start using the vpn service on your mobile phone. 


Avast vpn does come with a free seven day trial period that allows the users to test their services before signing up for the priced subscription. Unlike other vpn service providers which offer a monthly, quarterly or annual price package, the pricing for the avast vpn depends on the type of device on which the users wish to use the vpn service.

This is a great initiative as every user gets access to the same set of features irrespective of the pricing. But at the same time, the con is that the users have to pay for each device individually and cannot sign up for a single package that allows them to use the vpn service on all their devices. 


Other than hiding their IP addresses, most people use VPNs so that they can get past geolocation blocks. Avast vpn does allow torrenting. So you will be able to use the P2P transfers to torrent files. The peer to peer connections can be established across seven different regions. The regions are limited which is surely amongst the avast vpn problems. 

Another downside is the fact that it does not support Netflix streaming. Therefore, if you are someone who is looking for a vpn service to stream Netflix shows from another country, you will not be able to do so since Netflix detects the avast vpn connections and blocks streaming immediately. 

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