Anon VPN Trusted Reviews For 2021

Anon VPN

Anon vpn is one of the lesser known vpn service providers. This vpn based in Seychelles is a small scale vpn service with a minimal set of features. Some users did report that they found the anonymous vpn service to be slightly overpriced, plus the fact that this service does store some logs does not make this vpn a hundred percent secure. They do have servers in around five different locations and allow three connections at the same time, but the pros are surely outweighed by the cons. This is why the anonymous vpn service is not highly recommended. 

If you are thinking about signing up for the anon vpn service, you should go through the turbo vpn reviews to get an estimate about the features of the service to ensure that it truly can meet your needs. This review was penned down after a thorough analysis and testing of the anon vpn service to find out whether it is the best vpn for anonymous surfing. 


The factor that the vpn users are mostly concerned about is the security of the vpn service. When using the anon vpn, the users are given the choice to choose between an OpenVPN and an IPSec connection. OpenVPN is a more secure connection protocol but you do not have to be concerned about the security even if you are using the IPSec connection. Both protocols are built over the AES 256 encryption that is quite secure and hard to break into. 

Some users have reported that the anonvpn ssl handshake failed at times. This is because they use the 2048-bit key handshake which is reliable but absolutely not the best especially considering that all the leading vpn services have now transitioned to using the 4096-bit handshake encryption. 


Although the anon vpn service claims that they remove the logs regarding the customer connections, at the same time, their privacy policy does mention that some connection logs are restored. Therefore, there is a risk that information about your time of connection or disconnection, duration of connection and the internet activity logs can be used to track your online presence. 

Therefore, if you are someone who does not want to compromise on your privacy at all, the anon vpn service is not the best choice for you. Even though only a limited number of logs are retained, there is still the slightest chance that this information can be exploited and manipulated. 

Streaming Service Compatibility:

Many people sign up for a vpn service so that they can get past geolocation based blocks. Thankfully, anon vpn does support streaming services. Therefore, you can use the anon vpn to access movies and television shows from other countries. 

This vpn is compatible with Netflix, ABC news as well as NBC websites. The connection is not that stable and users may have to reconnect a couple of times, but despite the connection drop, you can use it to stream shows and access content of websites from other regions. 


If you are wondering about what is annonymizing vpn, you can sign up for their services and get to use the anon vpn service to find out about any annonymizing vpn. They offer four different price packages to choose from. 

The simplest and most basic plan is priced at $9 per month. But you can also sign up for the three month subscription plan for $19 and a yearly subscription plan for $69. The three month and yearly subscription services are the most affordable. For someone who is sure that they want to use anon vpn and will not be switching to any other subscription service, you can also sign up for the lifetime subscription plan that is priced at $199 and will guarantee access to the anon vpn service forever. 

But it is important to mention that they neither offer a free trial period nor have a money back guarantee. Therefore, it is recommended that you sign up for the one month plan, test their service and feature and then determine whether you would like to continue the service or not. 

Speed and Performance:

The speed and performance of the anon vpn is satisfactory. They offer an unlimited bandwidth for the users. There are also no restrictions on the upload and download speed when the users have connected to the anon vpn servers. But the distance between your location and the server is a factor that surely affects the speed and strength of the connection. 

They do have a limited number of servers which is surely a downside. They have servers only in five locations. Most of the servers are located in the US and the Europe therefore, the users closer to these regions are surely at an advantage and will have better speed and connection. 


Anon vpn is only compatible with Windows 7. Moreover, users can only use the website version since there is no mobile app that can be used. Therefore, if you want to use the vpn on your mobile phone, you will still have to go through the website. 

The lack of an app surely makes using the vpn on a mobile phone a tedious process since the website interface for the mobile version is not that great. Plus, the features and security protocols are also minimized when the users are using the vpn on their mobile phones. They only have a minimal platform coverage in this regard. 


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