Information for VPN Providers

This is a prototype of an unbiased testing service for VPNs. Its primary goal is protecting naive users. IVPN has generously provided funding and technical support. But that wouldn't be workable long term, because the credibility of reviews depends on independence.

I drew on That One Privacy Site in selecting VPN services to test. I knew that IPv6 leakage would be a serious issue, and so I included all VPNs with claims about IPv6. Otherwise, I picked those with the highest ratings for privacy and technical issues. I will be testing other VPNs, as time permits, guided by requests on /r/VPN and Wilders, and personal preference. Results will go public immediately.

In a few cases, I have retested with updated clients. But I'm sure that I've missed some. And I don't plan to survey and retest ongoingly. I will retest when there's substantial demand on /r/VPN or Wilders. But results will go public immediately.

I also offer testing as a service for VPN providers. In that case, results will remain confidential until the provider has authorized publication. Please contact mirimir to discuss terms.